Abelmoschus manihot Aibika jute-like cordage Abelmoschus manihot Hibsicus manihot Aibika manihot

Abelmoschus manihot Aibika.

Aibika flower
Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik
Abelmoschus manihot)"The Aibika" is a flowering plant in the mallow family Malvaceae. It was formerly considered a species of Hibiscus, but is now classified in the genus Abelmoschus. The plant is also known as the Sunset Muskmallow, Sunset Hibiscus, or Hibiscus Manihot.
In Japanese, this plant is known as tororo aoi and is used to make neri, a starchy substance used in making Washi.
Abelmoschus manihot (aibika) provides cordage-like jute which can be spun into rope or used in paper and cardboard manufacture.
Hibiscus manihot is alsp called the Edible Hibiscus as it bears leaves that are edible when cooked. Hibiscus manihot grows well in warmer latitudes.


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