Acinos arvensis - Acinos Evergreen Perennial woody aromatic plant of Southern Europe western Asia. species Acinos alpinus Acinos arvensis corsicus rotundifolius suaveolens

Acinos arvensis - Acinos Evergreen Perennial

Acinos is a genus of ten species of annual and short-lived evergreen perennial woody plants native to southern Europe and western Asia. Its name Acinos comes from the Greek word akinos, the name of a small aromatic plant. Acinos are small, tufted, bushy or spreading plants growing to 10-45 cm tall. The 2-lipped, tubular Acinos flowers are borne on erect sprikes in mid-summer.
Selected species
Acinos alpinus - known as the Alpine Calamint
Acinos arvensis
Acinos corsicus
Acinos rotundifolius
Acinos suaveolens
Acinos are mostly quite frost hardy and will grow in poor soil as long as it is well drained. Acinos need full sun and are Propagated from seed or cuttings in spring. Acinos arvensis is a food plant for the moth Coleophora tricolor larva.


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