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Garden Steps
Garden Steps
Garden Steps in the rock garden or as part of a retaining wall may be a characteristic and provide an opportunity for some skills. Garden Steps should not be so narrow that it is irritating to use. Garden steps can be used on a path leading one in the rock garden or pond. Garden steps should be easy to ascent so make the tread about 14 to 16 inches deep and rise up to 5 inches. A simple formula to use is 2 X R + T = 26 or 27. Where R is the riser and T is the tread.
Decide on the dimensions of easy ascent and descent in the stages of garden construction.
You must also understand how a room steps can be taken. It seems generally lower When the bite is not in the body slope or terrace. But this is not always possible. With proper use of plant material salient steps can be made to blend-in When the elevation change is rather large steps in turn takes up less space and a small landing added comfort.
When selecting plant material for a garden of stone retaining wall or to soften overview of the measures are Be sure to use a variety of form, color, texture and growth habit, prostrate junipers and spreading cotoneaster, which at Silver Mound cozy nest against the rock climbers and Joint rooters like thyme.
Measurements made with large rocks accentuate the gentle curve in garden paths. The rockery planting can be high maintenance and you should not be built unless you love be close to the ground or on your knees! Projecting steps should be softened with plant material.


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