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Mowing my lawn.

Lawn Care and Grass Lawn Comments:
Weed free and healthy grass lawns are a joy to have in your garden. A place to relax and to play a lawn adds the green hue of peace to your garden. How can you care for it without a lifetime of care and expense.
  1. Mow your lawn or if you really don't have time then you could hire a professional gardener to care for your lawn regularly for you.
  2. Try never cut more than a third of the height in one go - take a day or two if the weather permits and collect the cuttings - they are like gold dust in the garden.
  3. A lawn should be about 4cm [1.5"] before you mow. This will keep the grass growing strongly and looking healthy and keep it resistant to disease. If you cut your lawn too short it will lose too much moisture in summer and may dry out too much - even if you water it.
  4. The edges of the lawn will need care to keep them smart and avoid that scruffy appearance that often creeps into the average garden.
  5. Rake your lawn each autumn and scarifier the moss in-growth if this is troublesome.
  6. Lawn aeration is important if you have any problem with moss or other persistent weeds.
  7. A healthy lawn need water - even in Ireland - so get a sprinkler.
  8. Lawn grass needs phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium so choose a good quality lawn feed and apply it as directed.
  9. Every autumn it is advised to clean and repair the lawn and over-sow seed before the soil temperature falls below 13C or 55F.
  10. Chamaemelum Nobile - Roman Chamomile or Chamaemelum Nobile 'Treneague' will provide you with a small lawn area rather than a grass one.
  11. Now lie back and enjoy you lawn - you deserve it!


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