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Wood pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust as a by-product of a sawmill or other wood converter. Good pellets are quite dense with a humidity content below 10%. This low water content means they can be burned with a high combustion efficiency. Being small in size wood pellets feeding systems can be automatically controlled by auger feed or by conveyor.

Wood pellet density permits efficient stored and transported by tanker to a storage bunker or silo on a customer's premises. Various models of pellet stoves for central heating furnaces and other heating appliances have been developed and demand has increased into a sigificant European industry. Savings on oil or LPG could be saving from 35-50%.

Wood pellet Production

Wood pellets are produced by compressing wood into dies 6 mm - 8 mm diameter. The high temperature produces by compression causes the lignin in the wood to plastify which forms an adhesive bond in the pellet as it cools. more>>>

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